Do strength training to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, add to your gym training and strength training. You can not lose weight and, most importantly, you can not avoid it if you do not develop your muscles.

Strength training (or resistance training) is a type of exercise that uses resistance and weight to induce muscle contraction and thus improves strength, anaerobic strength and skeletal muscle size.

Invite your spouse to accompany you in your fight for slimming. Most men store their fat in the abdomen, which is the worst area for fat storage. Deep fat coating in the abdomen releases chemical elements in the body that increase inflammation and the chance for diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, memory loss, sexual impotence, bone slimming, and cancer.

With strength training, you can lose weight and here’s why: One pound of muscle burns about 100 to 300 calories a day, while one pound of fat burns 4 to 6 calories. After the age of 35, the human body loses 5% of its muscles every decade, so when you are 60 years old, your body burns 800 calories less than it burned when you were 30. This is why you put weight as you grow older while eating the same or less. Beyond tightening and muscular gratification, with regular strength training, you will succeed in increasing your metabolism and reducing the risk of illness.

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