Easy ways to keep your Shape on vacations

Gymnastics is always a great way to boost your mood. That is why you should not neglect it when you leave your home for a vacation. When planning your holiday, along with the plans for relaxation and fun, find some ways to take care of the body and maintain the form you worked so hard all the year to get. Below are some simple ways to put fitness on your vacation.

Target maintenance
Have reasonable expectations for your vacation. Do not aim to keep the same training program as when you are at home. It is more sensible and realistic to target a maintenance program. Remember that doing something is far better than not doing anything at all. It aims to maintain 50% of your regular training program.

Go for a morning walk
Once you reach your destination, wear your sports shoes and go for a walk. It’s the best way to explore the place and discover attractions that you would never have had the chance to see.

Take your bike with you 
Cycling is a very good aerobic exercise that improves your cardio-respiratory endurance, strengthens the body and lower extremities of the body and burns a lot of calories. As well as walking, it’s a great way to explore the place you visit and discover some remarkable distant corners.

Turn the pool into a gym
If your hotel has a swimming pool, you can exercise your whole body by doing some pleasant exercises while enjoying the water and the sun. See this as well as this video to get ideas for exercises.

If your holiday destination is coastal or if it has a swimming pool, try to schedule swimming for one hour every day. No other type of exercise offers better combustion, does not trigger the metabolism so effectively and does not provide such strength to all muscle groups as swimming.

Buy daily subscriptions at the local gym 
Search if the area you visit has a fitness center. If so, try to visit it for half an hour every morning.

Do a walking walk instead of taking a taxi, metro or bus 
There is no better way to taste local culture and to make your senses have the experience of the area you visit by walking.

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