How to deal with melancholy after the holidays

The summer vacation was over, and with them the beach beds, parties in nightclubs and barbecues ended. The days began to diminish, the children return to schools, and the rhythms of slavery began to be intense and stressful again.

But because holidays are over, it does not necessarily mean that you have to leave and your good mood … at least until the next summer. Surely the days for relaxation will be now more rare and you will definitely start taking more and more clothes as we approach the winter. But you know that every season has its own pleasures, as long as you are willing to look for them and enjoy them.

Below are 10 tips to help you find your rhythms again … until next summer!

1. Make summons of the summer
Curing yourself from the melancholy of autumn does not mean you have to block your summer memories. Take your favorite photo from the summer and put it in a frame or save it as a screensaver on your computer or cellphone, or make an album with all your summer pictures. This activity will not only make adjustment easier, shutting down the summer chapter, but will also result in a nice souvenir.

2. Go to the gym
The gym is a great way to see your rhythms again. In the gym, you will drive the stress out of the first days in the daily routine, find yourself in a familiar friendly environment, feel better back to finding your form and reunite your acquaintances and friends to exchange impressions and news from the summer.

3. Start planning your autumn activities
Autumn weather is still very good and offers many opportunities for everyday outdoor activities (eg walking, cycling, visiting the neighborhood park, sports, etc.) as well as short breaks away from the city on weekends.

4. Organize a party
You may feel melancholy because it ends in the summer but you can not do anything about it. Instead, instead of saddling in your home, invest your time and energy by organizing the last part of the summer. Invite your friends and relatives and revive the beautiful moments of summer while enjoying once more your favorite musical notes, flavors, and drinks from the past summer.

5. Excite yourself by learning something new
Surely there is something you always wanted to learn or do, but you always put it up. Now is the time to do it! Whether you wanted to learn dance, a foreign language, or play a guitar, whether you wanted to start a gym, there is no better time to start from now. And if you are interested in dealing with something but do not know what this is, go to the Internet and look for hobbies that will stir your interest.

6. Get enough sleep
According to research, lack of sleep can cause depression. Lack of sleep reduces concentration and energy while increasing irritability. So make sure you sleep 8 hours each night. You will feel your body full of energy, your goals will be realized and melancholy will disappear.

7. Clean your wardrobe
There is no better time to refresh your wardrobe from the end of each season. Inspect your wardrobe and drawers, find all the clothes you have not used for years and donate them to your charity. Now is the time to get rid of all the t-shirts and jerseys that do not make you, or for some reason you do not like it anymore. When you get rid of old things, you are overwhelmed with feelings of release from the past and you have the perfect excuse to go shopping that also helps in better psychology.

8. Enjoy a mini vacation at your home
Even though the summer is over, your ability to relax should not stop. You may not have the time to go on holiday again in a magical place, but who says you can not have a wonderful vacation in your house. Schedule a day of relaxation that prohibits any activity considered as slavery (eg home cleaning, cooking, working on the computer, lifting the phones, etc.). Choose your favorite book or rent two or three of your favorite movies from the neighborhood video club, engage in your favorite hobby, fill up the bathtub and relax!

9. Do not forget to have fun
Because your schedule is now more busy and you have less time off, it does not mean you can not find opportunities for fun. Discover new taverns and restaurants to go out with your other half or arrange monthly excursions with friends in cinemas or theaters. It has also begun to plan your next summer vacation to come before

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